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The Tiny Tigers children made Thanksgiving-themed pumpkin pies in one of their visual arts lessons. First, they discussed the meaning of Thanksgiving and identified things they are thankful for, such as family, friends, food, clean water, clean air, our homes, and many other things. Then, they looked at pumpkin pie pictures and identified the main ingredients needed for making a pumpkin pie. We pretended that orange paint was pumpkin puree, liquid glue was melted butter, silver glitter was sugar, and gold glitter was cinnamon. First, they mixed pumpkin puree (orange paint), melted butter (liquid glue), sugar (silver glitter), and flour (white paint). They covered our baking moulds (Art paper) with our pasta, and we put them in the oven to bake. Until our pie was in the imaginary oven, we built our pie crusts with brown paper pieces. Then, once our pie smelled nice and ready, they took it out from the imaginary oven and sprinkled sugar (silver glitter) and cinnamon (gold glitter) on the top. Of course, just like before serving, they put cream (cotton) in the middle of our pie.