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Educational Chess

Chess is a learning playground with physical boundaries of the board and endless creative solutions in education. In Judit Polgar’s method chess becomes an exceptional learning tool, especially useful for children born into the digital society.

The Educational Chess approach goes beyond the usual ways of teaching chess and in Hungary it is officially part of the National Curriculum. Since 2013 the Judit Polgar Chess Palace program is successfully thought in hundreds of schools and the new and unique Chess Playground methodology is especially developed for preschoolers.

From day one in the JP Chess Playground preschool program, children get emotionally connected to the friendly chess characters and this gives them motivation to play more. The children become active participants of the story when playing games on the chess carpet and they unconsciously learn with the carefully designed tools of the program. The educational package includes books, stickers, card games, puzzles and much more.


Playing + Adventures + Rules = Educational Chess

Chess is an exercise of infinite possibilities for the mind, one which develops mental abilities used throughout life:

  • concentration
  • critical thinking
  • abstract reasoning
  • problem solving
  • strategic planning

Happy Kids chess program has been professionally supported by Judit Polgár and her foundation (JPCF) since September, 2010 and the kindergarten actively uses the JP Chess Playground program.

For further details about the chess champion and Educational Chess please visit Judit Polgar Chess Foundation.

If you wish to learn chess at home as well, you can download Judit Polgár’s animated chess teaching App, Chessplayground for Windows. Learn about the Chess Rules or download chess puzzles for beginners here. Educational chess books and equipments can be found here.

"I’m very pleased that my kids Olivér and Hanna have joined Happy Kids for years.”

Play your way to creative thinking!

Global Chess Festival

Happy Kids is an annual partner of Global Chess Festival.

The Global Chess Festival is organised every year on the second Saturday of October. The Festival offers all day programs, including professional chess tournaments, simultaneous chess games, art shows, educational conferences and various entertaining programs for all ages. The Global Chess Festival in Budapest has become a prestigious event in the past years – offering a full-day family experience built around the mystical board game. The creator and main organiser of the festival Judit Polgar, best female chess player of all time, invites everyone around the world to connect in chess related activities, in sports, arts, culture and entertainment. Let us celebrate the diversity and the 1000 faces of chess!

Watch the videos below:

Free Online chess school starts for schools and clubs

As a result of the cooperation between the Hungarian Chess Association and LearningChess, the popular online learning materials of LearningChess will be available in Hungarian as of 1 September 2020.

In addition to chess associations, LearningChess’s Hungarian creative team offers its educational system free of charge to schools in Hungary and abroad, within the framework of the Online Chess School program.

The aim of the program is to significantly expand the supply base of Hungarian chess, coach training and talent search. Exciting lessons that can be done on their own in an easy-to-use interface make it much easier to teach chess, providing instructors with a continuous theme and are also a great complement to chess education next to the board.

LearningChess, which has become one of the world’s leading solutions for online chess education in recent years, offers a wealth of content and educational features, along with Hungarian in eight languages:
– Nearly two hundred 15-45 minute online, interactive chess lessons
– 3000 multivariate tactical puzzles
– Play with the computer
– “LogiQ board” electronic demonstration board
– Learning management system to track student development.
– A central management system with which the chess instructor can review and manage online chess education at the local level and the Hungarian Chess Association at the national level.

The translation of the lessons from English into Hungarian was organized by the Hungarian Chess Association with the involvement of volunteers.

Coaches and teachers can apply for the Online Chess School on the website of the Hungarian Chess Association.