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Happy Kids Charity Fashion Show and Charity Art Exhibition

Our annual Charity Fashion Show and Charity Art Exhibition was held on  Friday, 26 April 2024.

The benefiting charity in 2024 was the Age of Hope Foundation.

HAPPY KIDS brings fundraising into fashion!

One of history’s worst earthquakes and tsunamis devastated the Indian Ocean region on 26 December 2004, killing over 230,000 people in fourteen countries, and inundating coastal communities with waves up to 30 meters high. It was one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history. Indonesia was the hardest-hit country, followed by Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand.

Starting with a relief operation and charity collection organised by the Baptist Church, Happy Kids decided to make its own contribution to this relief operation. The first Happy Kids Children’s Fashion Show began in March 2005 with the aim of raising money and collecting items that would help these devastated areas. Following the great success of this first event, we decided to make this fashion show an annual program in the Happy Kids calendar, where each year a different charity would be supported.


 On 26 April 2024 many parents and grandparents crowded around a catwalk, set up in Happy Kids International Kindergarten, to see the next generation strike a pose on the runway.

With the themes of each class  the runway sparkled with costumes not normally seen in the fashion houses of Milan, Paris or London. Many of the older children had learned to sew just so they could wear their own unique creations; the younger ones opted for customising old clothes with paper and paint. Indeed, most of the costumes on display were made out of recycled clothes and materials. Judging by the smiles on both the staff and the parents’ faces, watching their little models stride down the catwalk, this was a very proud moment.

Happy Kids would like to thank you all for the wonderful participation of the Annual Charity Fashion Show and Charity Art Exibition 2024, it was amazing to have this opportunity for our school community.

Thanks to your generous donations, we collected  HUF 2 580 500. This  amount will proceed to the Age of Hope Foundation.

 A special thanks for the highest bidders of the Big Draw portion of the event, namely:

 Magdalena Gryszko Szántó and András Szántó / Cuddly Koalas Class

Kriszta Sánta Hegedüsné and Ferenc Hegedüs / Tiny Tigers Class

Barbara Lavati and Ádám Szűcs / Friendly Frogs Class

Dr Evelin Bányász and Olivér Türk / Bright Bunnies Class

Kriszta Sánta Hegedüsné and Ferenc Hegedüs / Brilliant Pandas Class

Ekaterina Zudina and Aleksey Musonov / Cheeky Monkeys Class

 We would also like to give our gratitude to our sponsors:

  • Kriszta Sánta Hegedüsné and Ferenc Hegedüs – Annapurna Nepalese Restaurant
  • Annamária Bognár and Gábor Bognár – Imago Plastic Surgery
  • Anett Pichler – Pichler Budapest, Chimney Cake and Gelato
  • Budapest Marriott Hotel 
  • FirstMed Medical Center
  • Mirabell Dental
  • Gránit Villa Balaton
  • Budapest Headshot Photography
  • Peter Jones Jr
  • Costes Downtown Michellin Star Restaurant
  • Costes Izakaya Restaurant

Thank you all who made donations by purchasing the Individual Art Pieces. Last but not least, thank you for the Happy Kids Staff for their dedicated work.

 Once again, thank you very much for coming and for making this charity event possible and successful.

Charity Art Exibition 2024

We are proud to announce our success during this year’s ‘Charity Art Exhibition’.

With the help of their teachers, our students created with joy and enthusiasm their wonderfully creative works of art for the exhibition.

The theme of the event was “Drawing with senses!”

It changes the focus from external to internal, exploring the way we process the world and internalise our experiences through our senses. This is a great year to look at the 5 basic senses: TouchSightSound, Taste, and Smell, and experiment with these and those you are less familiar with to transpose your experiences into creative work and drawings.

The exhibition was held in our gymnasium, where the visitors could see the children’s individual works and the joint works of the groups. The group pictures were sold at the auction, for a total of HUF 905,000, and the parents donated a total of HUF 568,500 for the individual art pieces. Within the framework of the ‘Charity Fashion Show’ and the ‘Charity Art Exhibition’, we managed to collect a total of  HUF 2 580 500 for which we would like to thank our amazing parents. This year, we donated the amount raised to the Age of Hope Foundation.