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Polgár Chess Festival

The world famous Polgár sisters hold their annual Chess Festival – now called ‘Global Chess Festival’ – each year in Budapest. The programs include an International Educational Conference focusing on the ‘Chess in School’ program, first developed by Judit when her children attended Happy Kids. Judit Polgár’s very own Chess Palace skill-building program that was integrated into the National Curriculum in Hungary.

In 2011 Garry Kasparov (former world Chess Champion) was the guest of honour at the annual Polgár Chess Festival held in the Palace of Arts in Budapest.

The Russian grandmaster, just like Judit, is committed to the ‘Chess in Education’ program. In 2011 Garry Kasparov, famous for the chess matches against the IBM supercomputer ‘Deep Blue’ – see a fascinating link.

Together with Judit Polgár started a petition at the European Parliament to include chess in schools. In March 2012, more than half of the European Parliament members have signed the written declaration of ‘Chess in School’ and invited the Member States to introduce chess in public education.

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