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Robo Wunderkind Club

Robots are created by people to help us with many different tasks that may sometimes be too complex, too dangerous or simply too boring to do ourselves.

Robo is a small robot that visits the classroom. By doing so, it becomes a friend for students, helping them with some tasks and encouraging them to learn.

Together they discover the world around them! In the very first lessons, students will discuss the basics of Robo Wunderkind robotics kit.

They will talk about Robo’s different modules and their functions, how they work independently and all together.

In the second lesson, students will discover the Robo Code App and its coding logic.

They will discuss the process of programming and will program Robo to see the real results of their work!

The students will discover and learn further details of coding with Robo Wunderkind visual language and then they will build Robo in many different ways – starting with simple variations up to the very complex science projects!