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​In successful teamwork, communication takes centre stage. The ability to truly listen and articulate thoughts is the cornerstone of effective communication. Collaboration goes beyond academic benefits; The Frogs are also learning the power of active listening.

They are learning that it is not just about completing tasks; it is a journey that will instil in them an early appreciation of the benefits of working hand in hand.

This activity incorporated Tribes and teamwork. What is a Tribes Community? Tribes foster a caring culture among learners, emphasizing tolerance and working as a community while respecting four essential agreements.
• Attentive listening
• Appreciation/no put-downs
• Mutual respect
• The right to pass

Learners were divided into four groups within their Tribes. Each tribe was given a container full of balls and one empty. The task was to work together to move the balls into the empty container without using their hands. We discussed the power of communication and listening to one another when working as a team. While enthusiastic about the activity, some rules were challenging for some Frogs. However, with guidance and questioning, they could discover a solution and complete the task.