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Our private kindergarten in Budapest prepares the children both mentally and physically for real life, so children’s yoga cannot be left out from our classes.

In our fast-paced world, we have to face a lot of stress, which sooner or later we learn to deal with sufficient awareness. On the other hand, we like to idealize the everyday life of children, we imagine that life is absolutely carefree in preschool age. But the truth is that stress and anxiety do not spare the little ones either, even if the level does not reach that of adults.

As for us, yoga is one of the best ways to process problems for the children, so we thought it was important that it also be included in the activities of our private kindergarten. Let’s see what children’s yoga can do:

● Improves posture, helps to make muscles more flexible and stronger, and also educates little ones on body awareness.

● Balance plays the main role, which means that the children’s coordination ability is perfected, as well as physical and mental harmony.

● The children also learn breathing techniques, which improves the ability to concentrate and at the same time improves performance.

● It helps to reduce unnecessary energy and tension, and at the same time contributes to improving the quality of sleep.

● It educates the children to pay a little attention to their own inner world, to learn about their limitations and possibilities.

● It teaches self-discipline and introspection, thanks to which the children learn how to deal with life’s challenges consciously.

● It provides a complete approach and encourages children to develop a healthy lifestyle.

Knowing all of this, you already understand why we find children’s yoga so important. If you look around our website, you can familiarize yourself with our pedagogical program and also find out what we see as the key to learning English.

Have we perked your interest? Feel free to contact us and find out more about our private kindergarten in Budapest.