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We have installed the new SMART Board 600 interactive whiteboard at Happy Kids.

With this new equipment we can create an exciting learning environment which attracts the children’s attention of all ages.

The interactive whiteboard combines the power of a computer and the simplicity of a whiteboard. The key to the SMART Board interactive whiteboard is touch. Applications can be controlled by touching or writing on the interactive whiteboard. The touch recognition feature can recognize the difference between a pen and a finger and chooses the right mode to use. Thus making it possible to write with a pen, erase with palms and move objects with a finger without having to press any buttons.

With the SMART Board interactive whiteboard comes the award winning SMART Notebook collaborative learning software. The intuitive features wrapped in a simple interface let teachers build interactive lesson activities easily. The software captivates students by pulling together images, multimedia and Internet links. Either from its own gallery containing more than 6700 elements or from an external drive. Because it can interact with a variety of multimedia content and file types. The SMART Board intuitive whiteboard can help improve student motivation and performance by making learning a dynamic classroom experience.

SMART Board is truly a revolutionary teaching tool in the classroom!