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With the school year in the full swing, we’d love to acknowledge the success of our devoted customers and share their inspiring stories of using Robo Wunderkind kits in classrooms. We are together on the same mission to make technologies accessible and friendly even for the youngest students, let’s make some waves! 

The first stop of our Robo journey was Budapest, Hungary, at Happy Kids. Happy Kids is a joint kindergarten and primary school that uses the National Curriculum for England. It’s where kids between the ages 4-7 learn, explore and play.

The new school year started off with an exciting addition to the lessons plan – the Robo Wunderkind afternoon club. It instantly sparked excitement in their both young students and teachers. “It’s the best moment of the day for the kids!” says Marianna, the primary school teacher that runs the club. “I was very excited to join the club, too. I enjoy every session. And the kids pick up ideas very quickly. As we follow the Robo Wunderkind lessons plan, they learn new things and concepts every day. Working with robotic modules helps them develop fine motor skill and leaves them curious for what is coming next”.

“Although we use tech tools in our classrooms from early on,” says Petra, Happy Kids’ Educational Director, “we try to closely focus on how exactly these tools are used. Out students use smartboards and digital devices for reading, maths, projects, and research. We also have class activities to introduce sounds, songs, create digital landscapes. Robo Wunderkind kits are the first robotic devices we are implementing in the school. We see them as a great add-on to the subject area. It’s learning and play time in one, which kids absolutely enjoy.”

Their upcoming summer school plans to introduce a Robo Wunderkind summer camp. It will run several weeks and will give kids an opportunity to tinker with robots, code and create exciting projects. Our robots couldn’t be happier!


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