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Creative thinking is perhaps one of the leading skills children will need to become successful adults.

But what exactly is creativity?

Creativity is the ability to think differently, adjust to constantly changing circumstances, and develop unique and practical solutions to challenges.

Children in today’s classrooms will be living and working in a changing world in the future. Their future environment will feature new information, enhanced technology, and problems never before experienced. Children must become creative thinkers, communicating and solving problems to adjust to a continually changing world. They need a setting where they can gain these critical skills through relevant experiences, preparing them for the challenges of the 21st Century.

How can we foster creativity?

Creativity can be defined as the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, and patterns and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, and systems, adjusting to changing information and developing unique and practical solutions to challenges. Creativity is a talent that can be developed and enhanced when used in real situations.
In an ever changing world creative thinking is essential for progress and survival.
Young children have unique natural abilities to be creative in their play and through communication.

The Role of the Environment

At Happy Kids our professional teaching staff establish an environment where creativity, communication, and collaboration can occur in active learning situations on a daily basis.
Teachers model creativity every day as they interact with their children, creating an inspiring environment that expands the ideas of their children.

Our classrooms are designed to encourage children to think creatively, find ways to express their ideas and have experiences that build their confidence in their growing problem-solving abilities. They need varying opportunities to work with other children and gain experiences to develop. Children need to experience real events and activities that demonstrate value and respect for fresh, unique ideas. We must nurture these important abilities early, supporting children in their development and teaching them the tools for their future.