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Kindergarten choice? Would you like your child to become familiar with a foreign language already in Kindergarten? Do you try to take several aspects into account when deciding which institution will take care of your child? Choose an English speaking Kindergarten in order to lay the foundation for learning a foreign language before the school years.

Parents usually enrol their children in Kindergarten after the age of three. They carefully find out what institutions are close to where they live. In addition to convenience, many other factors are taken into account when choosing.

The English speaking Kindergarten is becoming more and more popular, because children are learning a foreign language and they start using it every day. Kindergarten teachers introduce the English language to the little ones within the framework of playful sessions. In the institution, the children’s movement, creativity, speech and many other qualities necessary for school will maturity are developed.

In an English speaking Kindergarten, children learn English words and sentences while singing and reciting poems. They get used to pronouncing the foreign language, which helps them significantly in their school years. In all institutions, students learn a foreign language, the most common is English. They also need to master this language for further education. When choosing a job, it is a great advantage if someone speaks English. Foreign scholarships and job opportunities can be taken advantage of by the student or the newly graduated student if they know a foreign language. The choice of an English speaking Kindergarten is therefore advantageous from several points of view, so it is worth deciding on it.

English can be easily taught to young children in the pre-school years. During the depth of the play, the words are memorized and used with pleasure. At the start of the school, children can have pleasant experiences, it is not the first time they encounter the English language, so it is easier for them to continue learning.

You can help your child learn a lot by choosing an English speaking Kindergarten. We look forward to welcoming your child to our Happy Kids International private Kindergarten, where education takes place in an English-speaking environment and we prepare unique programs for the little ones. Find out about our educational principles and read a lot of other useful information on the website! Contact us at 06-1-3562440 or at the e-mail address [email protected]!