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It all started with TV….now learning in cyberspace using the power of the internet has become the foundation of education. The world of education has slowly moved away from the traditional blackboard/pens/paper/books and posters to an almost unlimited knowledge and information source in the digital world. The globalizing power of the internet gives student the opportunities to meet share and interact with others from anywhere in the world and this just one of the many things that make digital learning a very important aspect of today’s educational system. The number of online training and educational course is limitless.

In this learning environment – without  borders – learning may take place in  many different locations – independent from a physical building. Digital learning creates many opportunities for learning and collaborating, across geographical and cultural boundaries. Learning can take place any time, anywhere. Digital learning also helps with something that has always been  a challenge in the non-digital world – giving every student a personalized education. In the average public education system this would be the teacher’s dream! Having the required technology – and the training to utilize it – to improve the quality and effectiveness of their lesson and student interactions.

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