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It was really nice to see some of the Tiny Tigers children after a longer break and have visual art lessons in person with them. Due to the small group size, we had very cosy lessons. The children helped each putting on their aprons and showed a very strong ‘tiger convergence’ during the lessons. They made egg carton owls and used lots of tempera paint to paint them, they were not afraid to use more than one colour or even mix them. On top of that, they used one glue tube only, and took turns amazingly and passed onto the next child to their right and waited to their next turns nicely. They glued wiggly eyes onto their owls and one by one, waiting for their turns so patiently, glued feathers on their owl’s body. They even tickled each other with one! All those giggles and smiles… At the end, they helped to clean up the table and were very proud of their owls, they even imitated the owl’s hooting as well few times. Another time, the tigers experienced the uniqueness of vertical painting. The level of excitement was just unreal! Again, they put aprons on each other, and could not wait to paint on those set up vertical surfaces. Some of them were like real artists; did not mix their colours, and even stopped for few seconds to think what to paint next. One of the children kept saying how much he loves this activity and how much he loves being back at Happy Kids. To see all the joy and proud faces was definitely one of the most missed things for me. Well done tigers, good team work, good job!