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Our children are happy to welcome a new arrival in the group: a lovely little girl joined Tiny Tigers not long ago. Her first day was very special for her and for us as well: we celebrated her birthday together. Tiny Tigers sang her a birthday song and she shared her delicious strawberry cake with us. Thank you for this special experience.

Apart from celebrating, we also continued our Phonics work: we finished the sounds of Set 4 and learned two new sounds from Set 5. In our unit of inquiry, ‘The Rhythm of Life’ after learning about plants, this time we discussed some interesting facts about the life cycles of animals. We read a fun story, ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and we found out about the miraculous transformation of the tiny green caterpillar, how it turned into a beautiful butterfly. We also used some puppets to act out the story.

On 7 April we celebrated World Health Day. We had a lot to discuss and to do on that special day. We talked about what we need to do to lead a healthy lifestyle. We realized that Tiny Tigers are doing very well as far as sporty lifestyle is concerned: we go every single day to the gym and do lots of fun exercises to get strong and fit. We also learned about the importance of healthy eating. Tiny Tigers did an interesting activity where they had to decide about different types of food whether they are healthy or unhealthy. We all agreed that fruits are very healthy so we decided to experience this in the classroom with a hands-on activity: we prepared and ate our own fruit salad. It was well worth the effort.