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Before going on their well-deserved Spring break, the Tiny Tigers celebrated Easter with lovely songs and dances during the Assembly. After performing, the Tigers had some fun Easter-themed games and activities in the garden. While they were busy playing, The Easter Bunny secretly visited Happy Kids and hid some presents for the children. The Tiny Tigers were very excited to hunt for the yummy chocolate eggs in the garden.

The next day we went to Rolli Polli again where we always have a lovely time. The Tiny Tigers enjoyed all the activities in the gym, everybody got very tired, so falling asleep after lunch was very easy on that day.

Returning from the Easter break, we were lucky to have more celebrations: two of our Tiny Tiger boys turned three years old. After enjoying a lovely marzipan cake on one the first day, the next day a delicious chocolate cake was shared by our other birthday boy. What a week! Thank you for celebrating with us.

In our individual development time, we practiced the correct pencil grip and pencil control through some fun math activities. On our Phonics journey, we are still learning the sounds of Set 5. We hope that the weather will not let us down and we can enjoy the sunshine more and more in the garden. The Tiigers were very excited to find out that one of their favourite garden equipment is up and running again: the big trampoline is set up now. And the queue in front of it is always long, long, long…