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Welcome back from the ski break, we hope that you spent some peaceful and relaxing time with your children.

As we are slowly getting closer to the end of the cold and dark winter days, we enter an exciting festive time again in Happy Kids, the Carnival. We have already started our discussions in the new unit of inquiry: ‘How the world works’ and ‘The Rhythm of Life’. Our little Tigers started to notice that in their warm winter clothes sometimes they feel too hot now during garden time as we see some blue skies and the sun more and more and the temperature rising. We will mark the change of season with a special event soon. The Tiny Tigers will dress up for Carnival to scare away the darkness of winter, to celebrate the arrival of light and to greet the warmth, the colours and the joy of life that spring will bring us.

We also continued our journey of Jolly Phonics. We learned ‘ai’, the first sound of Set 4 and we had some fun matching games and treasure hunt activities covering our old and new sounds. The Tiny Tigers have been into some serious math recently as well; they started to learn how to compare numbers and quantities and how to describe them using words like ‘more’, ‘less’ and ‘equal’. We are looking forward to celebrating Carnival with the Tiny Tigers on 3 March and have some really fun time together. We cannot wait to see them posing in their wonderful costumes.