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The Tiny Tigers have amazing news to share! They had the opportunity of going on their first-ever field trip. They visited Tropicarium in Budapest and “dived into” the magical world of the sea. Previously, they familiarised themselves with the sea animals during circle time and they were over the moon to actually see those animals in real life. In the beginning, some of them kept their distance from the fish tank because they did not know what to expect from the animals living there. After some explanation from their teachers, they gained an understanding of the events and were confidently walking down the corridors while holding onto their peer’s hands. Their favourite monument of the day was, of course, the shark tunnel where they could witness sharks swimming above their heads. They sang the “Baby Shark” song to them joyfully while waving at them. When they arrived back at Happy Kids, everyone was tired but the Tigers said they could go and visit Tropicarium over and over again.