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The thick, warm winter clothes are slowly disappearing from our wardrobes now and Tiny Tigers arrive in the mornings in pretty, colourful spring jackets. As the warm and sunny days of spring have finally arrived, we enjoy more and more outdoor activities so we were delighted to welcome the cute ponies again in Happy Kids. Although everyone’s favourite was ‘Jenő’, the tiniest and sweetest little pony, all four ponies worked very hard and Tiny Tigers enjoyed riding very much.

On a sunny morning the Tiny Tigers had the chance to spend some time on the bike track as well. They tried out the different motorbikes and scooters. Some Tigers were slow, some were really fast and confident but they all had a very nice time.

In our Unit of Inquiry we carried on discussing our topic ‘The Rhythm of Life’ . We concentrated on plants this time, how they grow from a little seed and what they need for growing. We also read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk to get some inspiration for our special project: everybody in the Tiny Tigers group planted his or her own little bean in a cup and we were so excited every morning to check whether something had happened yet. And the other day we were happy to find out that our first little bean sprout popped up indeed and started to grow very fast. We hope that the others will catch up soon as well.

We were still busy with creating beautiful Spring inspired works of art and we also started to prepare for our next extravaganza, the big Fashion Show. So watch out dear Parents, Tiny Tigers will hit the catwalk soon.