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Over the past few weeks, the Tiny Tigers have been on some wonderful adventures. Our first trip took us to Piczinke Póniudvar, where the children had a fantastic time meeting farm animals and exploring the fascinating world of the farm. The children were thrilled to interact with the animals, learning about their habits and daily lives.

Next, we embarked on a quest for new gross motor challenges at Vuk játszótér and Benczúr-kerti Játszótér. Both playgrounds were exceptionally child-friendly, offering a variety of activities that encouraged the children to develop their physical skills. From climbing structures to balancing beams, these playgrounds provided endless opportunities for our little ones to test their abilities and gain confidence in their movements.

These field trips have not only been educational but also immensely fun for the Tiny Tigers. Watching them explore, learn, and grow has been a truly rewarding experience. We look forward to many more adventures that continue to inspire and motivate our young explorers.