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The Tiny Tigers had a lovely week. They had the privilege of having the ponies at Happy Kids. Some of our Tigers were very brave and tried riding the ponies, whereas some preferred observing them from a distance. They have learnt two new Jolly Phonics sounds, /p/ and /n/ and were busy making a peacock and a nest artwork. These were also connected to our ongoing topic „Home”. This week, we talked about the natural habitat of animals and tried to guess which animal belongs to which living circumstances. Additionally, the Tiny Tigers have participated in several gym sessions in which they learnt about the words „stop” and „go” and had dancing sessions to practice tempo with the „Party Freeze Song”. They played with yoga balls to improve their gross motor skills. For enhancing their fine motor skills, the Tiny Tigers played with a colourful parachute in the gym. They had so much fun, the gym was echoing with their giggles and waves of laughter.