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Our lovely Tigers had an eventful few weeks with plenty of exciting activities. They had the perfect opportunity to prove their bravery by riding the ponies. They learnt the ponies’ names and tried to recognise them by their colours. Furthermore, the Tigers proved once again how amazing their gross motor skills are and roamed around the Rolli Polli gym joyfully and motivated to show off the special moves they have learnt from the coaches previously. Additionally, the Tiny Tigers started to familiarise themselves with quality teamwork; working together on puzzles, participating in threading activities and patiently waiting for the others, taking turns. However, there had been an even more magnificent event that happened at Happy Kids. The Tiny Tigers have experienced the first snow of the year. They ran in the garden excitedly chasing and trying to catch snowflakes. Some of them were quite successful at this. We discussed what snow actually is and in what weather we can experience this phenomenon. Some of them even said that if snow arrives, Santa Claus is nearby. Therefore, the Tiny Tigers promise to be good and are eager to meet the white-bearded Santa Claus.