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The past couple of weeks have been very heart-warming as the Tiny Tigers have been excitedly practicing songs and preparing lovely presents for their Mothers. As the long-awaited day arrived, the class performed a wonderful Mother’s Day show and surprised their Mothers with lovely gifts. They made flower cards and had the opportunity of planting a flower in a pot that had been previously painted by the children. Our special day ended with a fun musical game, where mother and child danced together.

We have also introduced our new Unit of Inquiry, ‘How we share the plane’ – Our Home: The Earth, focusing on the subject of Understanding the World. Within our Jolly Phonics program, we continued familiarizing ourselves with the Set 5 new sounds /v/ and /oo, oo/ along with their stories, songs, and jingles and will be moving on to our Set 6 sounds in the next weeks.

Due to the wonderful warm weather, the Tigers enjoyed a water table in the class in which the children splished-splashed about, exploring and practicing pouring, measuring, and experimenting skills. We also took our daily Gym sessions outside into the bicycle area where a wide variety of obstacles were set up for the children. They had a fantastic time outside moving about and they all helped clean it up afterward by working together as a team. We are also having great fun in our beautiful big garden enjoying a water gate in the sunshine, the big trampoline, and all the fun equipment where we can all explore and socialize with the others.