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The Tiny Tigers started out in 2023 with a blast. They told stories about their winter holiday and explained what Santa Claus brought them for Christmas. Unfortunately, there was no snow when they returned to Happy Kids. However, their teachers made sure to prepare a special winter sensory bin with fake snow, from which they could make any tasty ice cream or meal they imagined to serve for their classmates. They also had fun surrounding their huge “Transportation” sensory bin which was filled with rice, glitter, sequins, marbles, pebbles and plastic vehicles. The Tiny Tigers have been discovering the world of transportation. They have been expanding their vocabulary related to this topic and learnt about traffic lights too. Red means “STOP”, yellow means “WAIT/SLOW DOWN” and green means “GO”. The Tigers have been practising this during gym time and also spent a joyful creative art time painting their own traffic lights. Beep, beep, be careful on the streets.