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Hearts, hearts, hearts. Red and pink and purple hearts. They are just popping up everywhere you look in Happy Kids: classrooms and corridors are covered with hearts. Are we falling in love with the sunshine that is warming us more and more every day? Or with the light that is coming back and makes the nights shorter and our days longer and longer? Or maybe we are rejoicing over the love that we can give and receive from faithful friends and beloved ones? Yes, perhaps all these things together fill our hearts with joy now, when we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Yes, love is in the air in Happy Kids.

Tiny Tigers were busy finding out more about this special day: they were reading nice stories about it, made beautiful Valentine’s inspired crafts and prepared lovely gifts for the people who are most special to their hearts. And they were practicing every day some songs and dances for their performance.

Apart from all this we still found the time to finish the sounds of Set 3 in Jolly Phonics, so now we are ready to move on to learn some new sounds from Set 4 in the upcoming weeks. In our unit of inquiry we are still on the road. We were discussing the different aspects of journeys and traveling.

This week we also had an exciting event: we were delighted to be able to return to Rolli Polli, where the Tiny Tigers had a fantastic time with lots of running, jumping, balancing and crawling, hanging and climbing. We cannot wait to go again.

And finally, today we had our very special Valentine’s Day performance. After all the hard work of practicing, the Tiny Tigers were so excited to show you their beautiful songs. We hope that you enjoyed our show and you all felt very happy, special and loved. We hope you can feel in your hearts: love was really in the air for you today.