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We ended the month of June with a fantastic End of Year party, full of fun and exciting games. The Tigers had a fantastic time participating in the different activities prepared for them. They enjoyed a relay race with several different tasks, eating donuts without hands and a balloon-dance and ice-cream party.
The Tiny Tigers were very sad to have had to say goodbye to Annabelle, but made sure that her last day with us is very special. The class prepared a heart-warming beautiful goodbye gift for her and handed it over together with a great big hug.
As the weather is getting warmer and warmer, the Tiny Tigers spent most of their mornings outside in the garden, enjoying Story Time and Circle Time in the shade, singing together and recreating storylines out of sand in the sandpit, besides playing different group games, like ’Chase’, ’Hide and Seek’ and ’Duck, Duck, Goose’.