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Over of the past two weeks the Cuddly Koalas finished the ‘Family Tree’ project which turned out to be a popular project. The final outcome is displayed and children like to stop for a second to talk about it with their family. We also enjoyed the lovely autumn weather outside in the big garden and had fun with the falling leaves. Our light table was packed with crystal water beads for sensory play and children enjoyed squishing, smashing and breaking them for a unique sensory experience.

We had an amazing opportunity to try Rolli Polli with Ms. Susie. The Koalas were very energetic and followed all the instructions and tried to complete the tasks. It is the best time to develop cognitive skills, increase coordination and meet their daily exercise needs. We are looking forward to the next opportunity.

The National School’s FireDday was included in our calendar. On that they we learned about fire safety and children could try out the toy equipment, play with small fire engines and could make their own helmet.