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We have been very busy over the past fortnight in the Cheeky Monkeys, and we have had a lot of fun too. Last week we went to Rolli Polli and the children got to show off their skills; we were very impressed with their abilities and how well they followed instructions.

Two of our girls had birthdays this week, one turned six and one turned seven. We celebrated with two yummy chocolate cakes, songs and dancing. We are wishing you both a happy, healthy year ahead.

It is amazing how quickly we have reached the end of term 1; we finished off nicely today by visiting  the Ludwig Museum, to go along with our current Unit of Inquiry theme: A Century of Art. We were so pleased with how well all of the Cheeky Monkeys behaved today; the museum staff even commented on how well behaved our children were.

With such a lovely ending to our first term together, we Cheeky Monkeys teachers are feeling so proud of our class. We hope everyone has a lovely break and we can’t wait to see you again for term 2.

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