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On Monday, 14 October 2019 the Bright Bunnies had a special day. Raising awareness and learning about fire prevention they had lots of engaging activities throughout the day.

Playing bingo, learning all connected vocabulary with Ms. Manali was a true hit. Soon the players learnt the vocabulary and eagerly raised their hands in hope of being the fastest to collect all six images needed for a Bingo.

Playdough and the mats also proved to be a real winner. Creating fire engines, ladders, and extinguishers was not so easy, still the Bunnies managed to do a fantastic job!

As part of a TRIBES projects, each of the four TRIBES worked together creating an artwork for the display board. The Cottontails, made crucially important extinguishers for the firefighter that were created by our European Bunnies TRIBE. No need for firefighters without a fire, therefore our Rockhares used tissue paper balls of red, orange and yellow to recreate a real fire.

Just look at the photos to see how much they enjoyed the day, learning and having fun!

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