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It was lovely to see some of the Friendly Frogs children after the lockdown and have visual arts lessons with them. The most wonderful and well awaited art lesson for the froggies was the vertical surface painting activity outside in our garden. They were very excited about the idea of painting on a vertical surface and helped to set up the station diligently. We put on those aprons afterwards and one by one with each colour they filled their own painting palettes with tempera paint. Children selected the colours they wanted to use only. They were very chatty, loved every minute of it. Some of the children painted something specific, some enjoyed colour mixing and some enjoyed the cause-effect of the dirty paintbrushes, which got clean by the jars of water and at the same time, in fact, changed the colour each time when they repeated the cleaning process. Sadly, the weather did not like us much that day and a light shower forced us inside.