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These past two weeks were filled with joy and laughter with all the exciting events happening. We have learnt about the /i/ and /p/ sounds along with listening to a story and singing some songs. The Friendly Frogs enjoyed preparing for the assembly and performing to the rest of Happy Kids. We made some coconut balls and enjoyed dancing and playing games in the garden.

We also enjoyed a trip out of school to Rolli Polli. The Friendly Frogs enjoyed every minute of it and tried their hardest to complete the obstacles given. With all the fun movement happening, the Friendly Frogs had a nice surprise of a jumping castle. They did different jumps and were eager to continue. As the trip came to an end, the children happily got a sticker, said goodbye to the instructors, and made our way back to school.

The Friendly Frogs have been interested in what others do around the school and if they could, they join in to help them out. We have been talking about the group project we have planned and the Friendly Frogs have been so excited about making it that we have started completing bits and pieces in which we will place together later on in the month.