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It has been an exciting and busy time for our Friendly Frogs. We have been learning about life cycles and more specifically about the life cycle of a frog. The children enjoyed watching a presentation on the subject and showed understanding by putting the pictures of the life cycle of a frog in order. We had an interesting discussion on who saw a frog in real life, and who touched one. We read stories with frogs being the main characters, learned how to sing Five little speckled frogs and played with a pond sensory bin full of frogs, fish, turtles, ducks, leaves and rocks. In addition, we did a lot of arts and crafts and manipulated different materials to develop children’s fine motor skills, imagination and creativity. Moreover, we celebrated World Health Day by making a colourful and beautiful bulletin board on the topic, watched an age-appropriate video and learned about the importance of washing hands, as well as the importance of eating healthy, sleeping and exercising. The Frogs have been practicing fun songs for the upcoming Easter assembly, such as ’Hey little bunny’ and ’’Springtime’’ and have been enjoying themselves dancing to the beat and singing of course. Naturally, the highlight of the past few weeks was our Fashion Show, where the children amazed us all with their catwalk talent, as well as their cuteness. They deserve our applause as they worked really hard and did exceptionally well. Well down, Friendly Frogs, keep up the good work.