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The Friendly Frogs were happy to return to school after the spring break. The children enjoyed sharing their news about what they did during the holidays and how they spent their time. They agreed on how happy they felt to see their friends as well as their teachers, and how nice it is to play with one another in this beautiful spring weather, and have fun during different activities. We recently started a new Unit of Inquiry and we have been learning about sea animals. Our Frogs enjoyed watching a presentation and listening to a story on the topic, followed by interesting discussions, a colouring activity, and playing at the water sensory bin with different sea animals. The children did some exciting arts and crafts for our upcoming events and had a wonderful time exchanging their ideas and thoughts while making their unique crafts. The children have fond memories of their recent Rolli Polli gymnastics experience as this was an amazing activity they took part in, just before the break. A picture can be worth a thousand words, and as you can see from the pictures, the children have been having lots of fun. Welcome back Friendly Frogs, and keep up the good work.