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Our Friendly Frogs have been very busy the past few weeks learning new things and preparing for Enviromental Day assembly as well as for the Student-led Conferences. The children have been practising songs as well as the choreography, in order to perform in front of their families, and they did exceptionally well on the day of the assembly. The children have been preparing for the Student-led Conferences which took place in the Friendly Frogs’ classroom with big success. Moreover, the Froggs have been enjoying the beautiful spring weather playing in our beautiful garden, and had the opportunity to collect snails, as well as ride the ponies. Pony riding has definetely been a super fun experience for them as they are always thrilled to have them over. Last but not least, our Friendly Frogs joined the Bright Bunnies on a field trip on Margaret Island where we all enjoyed a delightful picnic, a visit to the Japanese garden and the mini Zoo.