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The Friendly Frogs have been enjoying early spring and have been engaging in fun outdoor activities in our beautiful garden. As they have formed true friendships, free outdoor play has been very enjoyable to them. The children enjoy daily circle and centre time, and they are progressing nicely with the Jolly Phonics sounds. In the past two weeks we covered the letter sounds ’z’ and ’w’ and we have been learning about the life cycle of the caterpillar as well as of the hen. The Friendly Frogs have been developing according to their individual level through different sensory, stimuli and fun activities. The Fizzy Water experiment was a mind blowing learning experience for them and they had lots of fun with it. We never stop to intrigue them and support their progress, and we are pleased to see them grow and unfold their talents and skills. Pony riding was one of our recent highlights, and our Friendly Frogs enjoyed themselves during this exciting activity.