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The Friendly Frogs have been busy the past two weeks learning, practising their self-management skills, and, of course, having fun.

Since hands-on activities provide an interactive and engaging learning experience that helps students retain information better, the Friendly Frogs have been working on many hands-on activities to aid their literacy skills while practising Jolly Phonics. We made a Cuckoo Clock and had fun doing tricks with hoops. They have made incredible progress in their self-management skills this year, being organised and showing more responsibility towards their belongings.
Social and emotional skills are a crucial aspect of early childhood development. The Friendly Frogs have been learning these skills through engaging group games, which teach them how to work together, share, take turns, and support each other to achieve common goals. They also learn important communication skills, as participating in group games exposes them to situations where they must resolve conflicts, negotiate, and find mutually acceptable solutions.

We have also recently celebrated Environmental Day. After a beautiful performance, the children had fun showing off their dance skills.