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The past two weeks have been exciting as we welcome two new members to Friendly Frogs. We have been getting to know them and making new friends within the classroom as well as in the garden with the other classes. The Friendly Frogs have continued learning their sounds and have learnt the /u/ and /l/ sounds along with their song and jingle. They enjoyed listening to the stories and completing the craft. We have also been improving in our blending and have been able to blend a few words successfully while practicing with other sounds and words. We have also been enjoying the number bean bags as we all identify the numbers and match them up to the pairs with their sneaky teachers hiding some every now and then, the children have learnt to be on guard and keep an eye out as well as standing up for what they think is correct without hesitation. Finally, we were happy to celebrate one of our Friendly Frogs’ birthdays and be part of the celebration while enjoying the outdoors even though it is cold and windy and playing with one another.