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Our Friendly Frogs have been very busy the past few weeks preparing for Mother’s Day celebration. The children have been practicing Mother’s Day songs by learning the lyrics as well as the choreography, to perform for their Mums for the upcoming event. Moreover, they have been making colourful cards and special gifts for their Mums and have been working very hard to make them as unique and as beautiful as possible. Both the bulletin board and the classroom decorations were beautiful and invited everybody to celebrate this unique day. On the day of the Mother’s Day celebration, the children were thrilled to see their Mummies and some of their Dads enter the Friendly Frogs classroom, sit in their chairs to watch them perform. The children and their parents shared emotional moments singing and dancing together, and they did colourful matching bracelets, to express their eternal love for each other. The whole atmosphere was magical and we, the teachers, felt so happy and moved to be part of this special celebration. Well done, Friendly Frogs, and thank you dear Parents for coming.