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It has been an exciting and busy time for our Friendly Frogs, full of anticipation and preparations for the upcoming Carnival festivities. The children have been working together as a group, making amazing ties and clown faces for the Carnival theme bulletin board. On the day of the Carnival celebration the Frogs arrived at school dressed up in their unique and colouful costumes ready to party, play and have fun. We played many games in the classroom, we danced, we sang, and we ate donuts, ’fang’, as it is the traditional Hungarian sweet, served during Carnival season. The children enjoyed all the games and participated with enthusiasm. Musical chairs was their absolute favourite game and they had the opportunity to play it several times. The highlight of this special day was the wonderful puppet performance the children saw, together with all the other children attending Happy Kids. The puppet show took place in the gym and it was such a unique learning experience, that the children were talking about it for days. In addition, our Friendly Frogs started swimming lessons in a well equipped pool with four qualified and experienced instructors. Swimming is a great way to promote active living, develop love for sports, promote collaboration and teamwork. The Friendly Frogs proved once more how well they can work together