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Along with learning our new sounds and completing some exciting activities, we have also had the past two weeks filled with different events. The Friendly Frogs have also practiced their blending and have been improving greatly.

Along with our new schedule of having individual development in the gym on Tuesday and Thursday, our Froggies have been enjoying the extra gross motor activities and have been learning a lot.

We began our week with World Puzzle Day. The Friendly Frogs enjoyed completing some puzzles and working as a group. We then familiarized ourselves with Chinese New Year by learning the different things that can be seen during this time as well as completing a dragon craft using a variety of materials. The Friendly Frogs also enjoyed playing in the sunny weather outside and exploring reasons why the snow may be melting faster on some days than on others. Finally, we have been preparing for the Valentine’s Day Assembly as well as completing crafts for our loved ones.