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The Friendly Frogs have been enjoying summertime, playing in the garden with their friends, and participating in new play experiences. Since the trampoline is back, our Frogs have been jumping quite a lot on it and have been having lots of laughs and giggles with their friends. Naturally, the highlight of the past two weeks has been the Rolli Polli class. The children always look forward to taking the bus and visiting Rolli Polli as it offers an amazing and super fun gymnastics experience for them. Moreover, the Friendly Frogs have been making sparkly jellyfishes as part of arts and crafts, which are now the decoration for our summer bulletin board. A picture can worth a thousand words and as you can see for yourselves, our Froggies have been having the best of time. Dear Friendly Frogs, we are so proud of your progress and development and we would like to wish you the very best in the next academic year. Until we meet again, enjoy the summer holidays with your families, have lots of fun and lots of ice-cream.