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It was a real pleasure to see some of the Cuddly Koalas children after a longer break and have visual art lessons in person with them. The 3 boys were enthusiastic and very welcoming, they could not wait to participate and practice some artistic skills. First, they made an octopus craft from toilet rolls and painted the rolls with tempera paint. They squeezed liquid glue with their little hands and demonstrated real boy power. Then, they precisely glued the wiggly eyes onto their octopus faces’ and had their chances to practice some cutting skills with our special ‘supportive’ scissors as well. They enjoyed using those scissors very much and I was glad to see how proud they were at the end of the activity; they thoroughly did not care much of their dirty hands at all. Another day, the boys experienced the beauty of vertical painting, and I must say, those happy boys just could not stop. They painted and enjoyed the activity incredibly. One of the boys did not even mix his colours and many of them made some movements, just like a real painter would do; stepped back and forth to see his work from a bit more afar and wondered with a humming noise the whole time where and what to paint next. They giggled, they proudly showed and named the colours they used with their paintbrushes, and asked for more paint as well. Amazing times, well missed times. Looking forward to have more lessons with them for sure!