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In recent weeks, we introduced a new topic and expanded our knowledge of vehicles. The children liked the new theme and shared a lot of experiences with us that are related to a trip or they see such vehicles on a daily basis. Their vocabulary has grown with many new words and it is a great pleasure to see that our beautifully growing little koalas are becoming more communicative. The crafts and activities designed around the theme were also a great success and they enjoyed using new tools and techniques. We have also developed fine motor skills with very simple but fun games that you can even practice at home. These included unscrewing the tops of empty containers; for example, creams, transporting water with a pipette, connecting small Lego blocks, or practicing closing and opening padlocks. These types of movements are important for young children to practice because they help them to have a solid foundation for their future everyday tasks. We were also able to practice shoveling and making snowballs in the few days we could enjoy the remaining snow in the garden.