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After the fantastic and relaxing autumn break, children had to spend a few days settling back into our daily routine, however, now everything is back to normal:-) We have also welcomed a new little Koala who started with us recently and strengthens our Cuddly Koalas team. We have started the preparations for Halloween this week. We decorated the classroom and made many creative projects. The individual development games were also built around the theme. We have learned new songs such as ‘I am spooky spider’ and the ‘Monster go away’ songs.

We brought the theme closer to the children with pictures, drawings, and songs.

And the effect was not left behind: on Halloween day everyone was loving the costumes and we enjoyed the super games. There was dance, music, good mood, and chocolates. The small handmade goody bags are also filled with sweets. Fabulous time and super atmosphere on the first Halloween.