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In the days before the spring break, the Easter Bunny visited us and we spent the day having super activities. The Easter egg hunt was very exciting. The Cuddly Koalas’ children filled their little baskets enthusiastically and checked under every bush and tree to see if they could still find chocolate eggs. The Easter bunny was very generous and everyone got plenty of chocolate. After the great adventures, we got to know a new topic as part of the Ever-Changing Nature theme, and we have a great book to help to get closer to the topic. The book is called ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. The Koalas can learn from a hilarious little story that how the little tiny caterpillar will become a beautiful butterfly. Supporting understanding, we can also play the story with small felt figures. In addition, even the Mother’s Day preparations are in progress. The month of May looks like a very eventful, exciting month ahead.