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The past weeks were very eventful for us and as part of that, we also celebrated Thanksgiving.

On Thanksgiving day we started with a successful performance at the Assembly. The Cuddly Koalas were amazing. During that day we continued with different games related to the theme. Our lunch was also unique, and everyone enjoyed the pumpkin soup and roast turkey. After this memorable event, we have also started preparing for Christmas. We learned new songs and are practising them a lot to be able to sing perfectly for the upcoming Christmas party. The children are also preparing gifts for their parents, but this should be a secret until then:-) As part of the Christmas preparation, we also decorated our Christmas tree. All children helped pack out the ornaments with joy and enthusiasm. They all decorated skillfully. Our classroom is getting nicer and nicer with the festive decoration. We are looking forward to our next event when Santa is coming to visit us.