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As part of our Christmas theme, we introduced a new book, ‘The Gingerbread Man’, to the children. The Koalas enjoyed listening to the story about a little gingerbread man that everyone was after to eat up. The book inspired us to bake some gingerbread. First, we rolled and shaped the dough and then we used different cookie cutters to form stars, reindeer and Christmas trees. The children were very busy and they did not even notice how messy they got as they were covered with flour. After all these preparations, the Christmas party was really successful. The performance of the Cuddly Koalas was super sweet and we were very happy that the parents and grandparents shared our joy. Our handmade gifts were memorable for everyone and it was nice to be able to celebrate together with the families. After this eventful December, we will have the winter break soon. We wish everyone a very nice Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in January.