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The month of May brought not only the wonderful weather but also the super programs in which parents could take an active part. In Hungary, we are celebrating Mother’s Day on the first Sunday in May, and we celebrated Mother’s Day accordingly. We created a cozy spring picnic atmosphere in the classroom and the Mother’s Day picnic was really idyllic. Everyone picked up the rhythm when they heard the catchy songs sung by everyone. The handmade gifts were also a great success. After all this, the Student-led Conference also provided a great opportunity for teachers and children too to present a slice of our daily lives at the nursery, and for parents to gain insight into it. It was good to see the children show their toys, books, and favourite places enthusiastically and with great happiness. Also, for us, it was interesting to see the little Koalas proudly and confidently showing what they have learned so far. Thank you very much for your active participation and words of appreciation.