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After the long winter break, the little koalas started the nursery very well and went back to the routine easily. We could introduce new topics and get to know new songs as well. Our recent topic was winter, and we talked about winter sports in more detail. We collected pictures of the sports activities and with the children’s help and ideas, we were sharing experiences. It is so amazing how much the Cuddly Koalas managed to grow their vocabulary. In addition, we provided more opportunities to develop their fine motor skills and let children explore and manipulate with different kinds of games. The pompoms are all-time favourites, it has many ways to create a play. For instance, it is a great sensory tool and is also good for counting and sorting. Fine motor skills are crucial for doing many actions such as holding things, doing up zippers and buttons, and drawing. They sound simple, but are very beneficial to practice. Children can also improve their hand-eye coordination, encourage their creativity, and build confidence. This is natural for children, and the reason why opportunities and freedom to unfold their curiosity and their need to discover is offered.