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Mother’s Day was preceded by a lot of preparation in the group. The songs quickly became the children’s favourites and they were already humming them even during playtime. It was a great joy to see that mums and even dads could be part of the celebration. The parents had a truly special experience. In addition to the Mother’s Day program, we got acquainted with a new book related to the topic. The title of the book is ‘Monkey Puzzle’. The little Koalas were enjoying the illustrations and they were also spotting the animals. There were bugs to find and details, such as an elephant standing on sticks, to notice. Children could spot the crocodile in the river or the caterpillars on the leaves. They were enjoying to find the smallest and largest animals in the story. Every time we read this book, the Cuddly Koalas were excitedly following the story as the little monkey looked for his mother and finally found a home with the help of a butterfly.