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We had a fantastic carnival celebration and everyone was gorgeous in special costumes. Among the costumes were kittens, policemen, dinosaurs, eggs, fairies, elephants, superheroes, princesses, firefighters, lions, and surgeon’s costumes. They were very creative choices. Donuts, popcorn, and dancing are an indispensable part of a carnival. We had them all. We even watched a fun puppet show. Moreover, the little Koalas had the opportunity to meet with the puppet characters after the performance. Additionally, we started to tune in to the spring as well, and around that topic, we build the everyday sensory and fine motor activities. We love the sensory box because it is great for sensory stimulation providing hands-on learning. It gives an opportunity for imaginative play and exploring a variety of concepts. It is lovely to see how children get so absorbed in exploring all the different textures and items. They are fun and it helps to bring experiences alive.